first offer The 5000 puff flavour monster first offer

Tired of average flavour?

The onyx max disposable is not just known for its incredible life span but most importantly our killer flavours!

Type C Recharge

Charge fast with new Type C standard.

5000 Puffs

Vape for longer with a massive 12ML vape juice capacity.

Insane Flavour

Once you have tried Onyx you can’t go back. We promise.

21 INCREDIBLE Flavours & More to come!

Endless Options.

We have a flavour that will suit just about anyone and everyone. 


What makes our disposable better than most.

Hybrid Mesh Coil

We use a hybrid mesh coil which offers superior flavor and longevity 

Tobacco Free Nicotine

We stay away completely from Tobacco with our TFN, it just hits better.

Longer Life Span

Our disposable lasts much longer then your standard garage disposable thanks to efficient coil design and rechargeable battery.

Flavours for everyone

With 21 flavours currently and more to come. We have a flavour for everyone and if we don’t, we will soon!

Super Simple

Nobody wants messy juices and coils. Our disposable is leak free and just works from the first vape.

Safer Than Smoking

Health statistics don’t lie vaping is 95% safer then smoking. Make the switch.

Lets see what all the fuss is about

Video Review

This video will break down all your questions about our disposable. Take a look!


What the people say

Snippet of some real reviews from real vape loving people


Great disposable. A lot better then the price point would say. Would buy again 10/10


Having tried a few disposable brands. I feel this product hits the right place in value and performance.


Lovely little disposable. Lasts me about 6 days. The Pink Lemonade is really really good!


Frequently asked questions

Questions that are often asked:

The Onyx Bar Max has 650Mah built in battery which is fully rechargeable by USB type C. It takes approximetly 1:30hr to fully recharge. The juice capacity is 12ML. 

Yes to both questions. We do not sell direct to public we choose select distributors to carry our product. Please contact us for a wholesale application.

According to our testing the battery lasts around 5000 puffs. However this under strict 0.2 second pulls. It really depends on how deep and how long your drag is. But ultimately it is in line with other 5000 puff devices that are rechargeable.